patrocionio rugby gdaparatosWE KEEP ON SPONSORIZING QER

We believe in rugby’s values and we share them; that’s why we keep supporting the Químic Equip de Rugby.

We are certain that you have to give it all while the match is going on, i.e. the fight for the P.O., but you also need to respect your competitors and share a nice and cold beer with them if you have the chance. And if that beer has been crafted with one of our burners, all the better! 😉

We believe in team working; we can ALL provide something to the team from our diversity and our different perceptions, always respecting the referee’s authority, of course!.

In short, we are proud to share their enthusiasm for work well done.

Químic has a new uniform this season, and it could not have had a better debut: a wide victory over Rugby Club Badalona last Sunday, October 7th. Congrats, Químic!
We share space as sponsors in this new shirt, but we keep the exclusivity in the warm-up one.
We wish you a very successful season, QER!