Appliances and accesories

Appliances and fittings for gas installations
Appliances and fittings for gas installations

In a gas installation the smallest detail is important. GD Aparatos offers you a wide range of articles from which you will be able to find what you are looking for. You can rely on our experience; we can supply you with everything in national and international brands. Leave the supply of appliances and gas fittings in our hands.

From this section of our catalogue you will be able to see different gas appliances: our infrared stoves, which are conceived to increase the comfort of workshop and warehouse workers, churches etc… gas water heaters, ideal for hotels, tourist resorts, camping sites, sport centers, communities, restaurants…and the gas leak detectors, whose installation we highly recommend in order to prevent fatal accidents caused by uncontrolled gas leaks.


Information and tariffs for appliances for gas installations

Gas water heaters

Our gas water heaters work for different types of uses: hotels, hostels, gyms, cottages, etc.. They have a storage capacity going from 50 lit. to 2,000 lit. and they are specially designed to get a quick hot water recovery.


Electronic gas leak detectors

Your safety is most important for us. If you wish to control a single area, we recommend the installation of a gas leak detector with a solenoid valve that turns de gas off in case of leak. This detector will send out a sound signal and activate the valve’s relay. If you need to control more than one zone a central unit will be required; this central unit will command two or more sensors that will act independently on the solenoid valve.


Accessories and Fittings for Gas Installations

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