Minimum order:

Orders less than €100 generate a management fee of €10;

Payment terms:

The payment term is a cash in advance

Return policy:

Returns will not be accepted after 30 days from the acquisition of the merchandise.
The material to be returned must not have been installed or manipulated.
Returns will be made postage paid to the address indicated by GD in each case.
Any returned item generates a charge of 20% of its amount.
The amount of the corrective invoice caused by the return of materials will be credited to the customer’s account available for subsequent orders; In no case will it be deducted from the amount to be paid on the due date of the invoice generated upon delivery of the materials to be returned.


When placing a replacement order, the empty cylinders must be made available to GD.
The non-delivery of empty cylinders or a number less than those delivered will generate a deposit or rental charge as appropriate.
If the collection of the empty cylinders cannot be carried out on the arrival of the carrier, a charge will be generated for failed collection.


The deposit of the Chemtane 2 cylinders that were expired at the time of their final return will not be returned.