Thermal lance

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Thermal lance

thermal lance, also known as a burning bar or thermic lance, is an industrial tool that uses the oxidization of iron to generate very high temperatures (7000°F to 8000°F, or 3,871°C to 4,426°C) for cutting through just about anything, including rock. The temperature generated is greater than the melting point of any known substance – with diamond having the highest at 3,547°C or 6,416°F.
Thermal lances are hollow bars filled with iron wires. High purity oxygen is pumped throughout the interior of the lance, and the end must be lit by a high-temperature source – an oxy-chemtane torch does the job nicely.

Thermal lance

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Burning Bar

A Burning bar is a lance for cutting that uses only oxygen. It is able to cut any type of material: metallic (steel, stainless steel, high nickel alloys, copper and bronze alloys, aluminum, manganese and shielding steels and any type of alloy) or non-metallic ones (ceramic, concrete, refractory bricks etc.); in short, this thermal lance can cut or pierce any known material.

Prime Cut

The PrimeCut system is a simple and effective cutting, cleaning and piercing system to use with any known material, including metals,cement or concrete. Professionals tend to choose Prime Cut because of the high performance, versatility, safety and autonomy of the equipment in front of other procedures.

This practical case contains all the necessary elements for the thermal lance operation, including personal safety items such as goggles, gloves and a protection shield against deflagrations. You simply need to connect the attached striker plate assembly to a conventional battery to cause the short circuit required to produce the ignition of the lance.



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