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Chemtane V

Chemtane V is a high quality vehicle grade additive specifically formulated to improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency through the prevention of fuel system deposit formation, the dissolving of existing deposits and improvement of cylinder and valve lubrication.

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Anecdotal experiences

During the course of product development, the formulation was tested by existing customers and they found:


  • Customer with 15 propane vehicles reducing vaporizer rebuilds from 10 per year to zero, and reduction in tuneup frequency from every 25-30k to ever 40-50k, with a 50% reduction in fuel filter change frequency.
  • Customer with fleet of 20 propane buses, reducing vaporize rebuilds from 30 per year to no rebuilds in one year apart from normal part wear-out, with monetary reduction in fuel-related maintenance costs by more than 70%. Customer experienced elimination in wax/deposit related shutdown problems.
  • Customer with 30 propane-powered buse fleet increased tuneup interval from every three months to one yearly.

Frequent use of Chemtane V


Removes deposits that can hinder performance


Cleans injectors, vaporizers and carburetors for peak performance


Provides lubrication for upper cylinder, valves and rings


Eliminates problems caused by impurities in fuel


Removes water in tank and fuel system


Gives ultimate performance in small and large engines


Keeps fuel system clean and operating efficiently

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