Kemap torches

Torches for cartridge
Kemap torches
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Kemap torches 1

Professional welder with piezo ignition, turbo type adjustable flame, ergonomic design and aluminum body, locking system for continuous flame, freestanding system. Designed for cylinders with American connection. Art. 1062 / 1062 E

Kemap torches 2

“KEMPOMATIC” welder for strong and sweet brazing. Equipped with piezo ignition, adjustable flame, freestanding system, two interchangeable burners and locking system for continuous flame. Art. 1064 / 1064 E.

Kemap torches 3

Professional welder with ergonomic handle, piezo ignition, adjustable flame, two interchangeable burners with art. 1064. American Connection. Also available with European connection. Art. 1063 / 1063 E

Kemap torches 4

“ROTAFLAME” welder. It swivels 360º for brazing and other applications endowed with rollover system, brass pressure regulator, turbo flame for uniform heating of the tube. American connection. Art. 1066 / 1066 E


Professional welder 1062
2 KEMAP cartridges
American connection,
PVC case.
Art. 1062 / 1062 E KIT


Professional welder 1064
2 KEMAP cartridges
European connection
PVC case
ART. 1064 / 1064 E KIT


Pressure reducers
Flashback arrestors
1,5m twin hose
Torch with 2 nozzles
Oxygen and KEMAP cartridges
Goggles and support
ART. 555 K

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