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Gas burners

The gas burners presented in this section are divided between low pressure and high pressure gas burners, low pressure being under 100 mbar and…Learn more


Chemtane 2

Chemtane 2 is a new generation additive for LPG and LNG formulated to substitute acetylene in oxy-cutting, welding and industrial heating outperforming…Learn more



A torch is a small hand-held burner which produces a hot flame, usually fueled by oxygen and either Chemtane 2, propane, or acetylene, and wich is used for either cutting or welding…Learn more

Productos_ChemtaneV_GDAparatosPersonal Protective Equipment – PPE

We care for our customer’s safety, and keeping to this main idea, we have decided to offer top-of-the-range equipment …Learn more


Thermal lance

A thermal lance, also known as a burning bar or thermic lance, is an industrial tool that uses the oxidization of iron to generate very high temperatures…Learn more

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Gas appliances and fittings for gas installations.

In a gas installation the smallest detail is important. GD Aparatos offers you a wide range of articles from which you will be able to find what you are looking…Learn more

Chemtane V

Chemtane V is a high quality vehicle grade additive specifically formulated to improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency…Learn more

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